Not Just an Online Calendar,
it's a Powerful Collaborative Marketing and Audience Development Tool.

easy to list

Event Calendar

It's easy to submit your events. Just register once--it's free--and follow the steps to post your event photo and description. Find out how it works by clicking the photo above.

portal partners

Portal Partners

Portals are your window into the Zoomaru network where you and others can post events and other information to share. Portals have the look and feel of your website. Click photo above to learn more about the benefits of Portal Partnership.



Zoomaru's Professional Directory just may be one of the most valuable services you can offer to your members. Click photo above to discover how you can help your members get more visibility.


Tour Manager

Zoomaru's Dynamic Mapping Tour Builder lets you set up and display tours using the events, venues and directory profiles found within the Zoomaru network. Click on the map above to learn more.

Zoomaru helps your organization find and keep your audience through the power of COLLABORATION.