Zoomaru™ Empowers Collaboration

The Zoomaru™ platform is an easy solution for getting an event calendar on your website.
  • With the simple addition of widget code, events will be listed as pictures or text.

  • Portal Partners may opt to have members list their own events, freeing up valuable staff time for other tasks.

  • Organizations (and individuals) can strengthen their event marketing by sharing event listings.


How much does Zoomaru cost?

Prices range from free to $100 per month. Click here for prices and features.

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Zoomaru Suite includes a Professional Directory, Dynamic Mapping for Tours, Personal Calendar Widgets, Enterprise Feature Package.

An interactive list of Portal Partners appears at the bottom of this page.

Being a Zoomaru™ Portal entails:
1. Portal websites link their website to a dynamic Zoomaru™ calendar page which is crafted to look like the rest of the Portal Partner web page. To the viewer the calendar is an integral part of the Portal Partner website.

2. The portal organization determines the kind of events to appear on their website.

3. The Portal Partner has access to a "featured events" mini calendar which can select events from specific categories to appear on additional pages of the Portal Partner's website. (click here to see an example) For example, all musical events can be displayed on a music information page; call-for-artists can be displayed on the "For Artists" page. This feature is controlled by the portal administrator.

4. By becoming a Portal Partner, the organization becomes the "go-to" website for listing events and attracts web traffic.

5. The Portal Partner assigns an administrator for their portal. The administrator has access to registration information for users of their portal and is notified when new users register.

6. The portal administrator also has access to statistics and reports which can be valuable when applying for grants and funding.

7. The Zoomaru™ calendar event listing provides a back link to the Portal Partner's website. This boosts the Portal Partner's website ranking.

8. The Portal Partner pays an implementation fee of $650 for the first year and $125 per year license fee after that.

9. License fees above provide the portal organization with support and software upgrades.

10. Once an organization has become a Portal Partner, optional Zoomaru™ add-ons can be included. These add-ons include a Professional Directory, Enterprise Feature, Mobile Web App for events, Box Office and Tour Builder.

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